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History and achievements of the football club

Eintracht Frankfurt is the most famous sports club in Frankfurt and is well known internationally as a football club, although the club is much more. Because, as with many other football clubs Eintracht Frankfurt with 13 other sports departments is a large regional association that promotes many sports. But the football department was soon the driving force. The home matches of the football players will be held at the Waldstadion in Frankfurt, the club itself is from the working-class district Riederwald. There is also the office of the association as well as the old Riederwald Stadium.

Eintracht Frankfurt was founded in March 1899, but in the period up to World War II the football club saw more name changes as a significant success. It always came back to changes in the structure and in the club name. Only after the Second World War, the club became professional. Separate departments for professional sports have been set and the performance improved steadily. Eintracht Frankfurt reached the climax in the season 1958/59, as they celebrated the first and only German title. In the final, they had just beaten local rivals Kickers Offenbach.

No later than 1960, Eintracht Frankfurt known beyond Germany's borders, because the team reached the final of the European Champions' Cup. And the finale, which took place in 1960 in Glasgow, was one of the most famous at all, because the opponent was Real Madrid and Frankfurt lost 3:7 (!). The game with 10 goals was to become the most European Cup finals of all time. In 1961 the club was renamed Eintracht Frankfurt eV and two years later was one of the founding members of the newly created German Bundesliga. Eintracht Frankfurt was successful in the league and could enter some third and fourth places, but for other titles it was not enough. However, in 1974 and 1975 succeeded twice the victory in the DFB-Cup.

In 1990, Eintracht Frankfurt won the UEFA Cup and again the DFB-Cup in 1981 and 1988. 1991/92 Frankfurt missed the 1st Place in the German Championship until the last game of the season behind VfB Stuttgart. Eintracht Frankfurt existed until July 2000 and was then converted into a corporation, Eintracht Frankfurt AG.

Club Achievements:
- 1x Master 1st Devision (1959)
- 4x German Football Association Cup (1974, '75, '81, '88)
- 1x Finalist "Champions-League" (1960)
- 1x UEFA-Cup (1980)

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Frankfurt am Main is - with 651.087 inhabitants - the biggest city of Hessen (but not its capital) and the fifth biggest city in Germany. It is a cosmopolitan city, one of the richest cities in Europe as well as a literature-, finance- and cultural-metropolis.
The narrow conurbation has about 1.8 million inhabitants, the whole region around Frankfurt, the "Rhein-Main-Gebiet" is the second largest German-metropol-region with more than 5 million inhabitants.

As a fair city, Frankfurt has a worldwide importance. Besides, the city, there is one of the most important traffic interchanges of Europe and since the Middle Ages, Frankfurt belongs to the most important urban centers in Germany. Situated on the river Main, Frankfurt is the financial and logistic center of Germany. It is one of the two largest financial centres in continental Europe. The European Central Bank and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are located here, and according to Liverpool University, Frankfurt is the wealthiest city in the European Union.

Among English speakers the city is commonly known simply as "Frankfurt", though Germans occasionally call it by its full name when it is necessary to distinguish it from the other (significantly smaller) Frankfurt in the German state of Brandenburg, known as Frankfurt (Oder). It was once called Frankfort-on-the-Main in English, a translation of Frankfurt am Main.

The Frankfurt Airport ranks among the world's top ten airports. Depending whether total passengers or flights are used to measure, it ranks as the second or third busiest in Europe. Its central location at Europe's heart and its excellent accessibility by air, rail and road make Frankfurt Airport City especially attractive. Inimitable in europe is the famous skyline, which consists of the highest buildings in europe.

When the franc king "Karl der Große" got hit during the war with the Saxons and came to the river "Main" with his warriors on the run, the mighty river blocked their way. Then a hind stepped out of the wood and crossed the river in a ford. The francs followed her and could so escape from their followers. Thanks to their rescue Karl allowed to establish a castle for the protection of the ford which was called 'Frankenfurt'.

Everyone from Frankfurt knows the history of the king and the hind. However, the origin of the city dates back even further. The first settlements already originated 7000 years ago. Around the time of Christis birth the Romans came to the cathedral hill, afterwards the Alemanns and the Francs. Around 700 AD were established here of the today's cathedral a stone church and a Königspfalz, where Karl 794 signed a document at the known place called "Franconofurd".

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